40" x 36"
acrylic and house paint on canvas
Private Collection, Houston, Texas

This work was created for a charity event benefiting public parks and tennis programs for kids.  Originally there was a single large piece of canvas that kids involved in the tennis program splattered with paint dipped tennis balls.  The effect was very similar to an action painting by Jackson Pollock.  This huge canvas was then divided into 24 sections and given to 24 local artists to "finish" however they wanted.  It's easy to see the pattern of the splattered paint behind the blue I used as the background.

The title Breaker comes from the letters that appear in the side boxes.  The sequences of letters are taken from the fourth section of cryptography inscribed on "Kryptos," a sculpture at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.  At the time this painting was created, the fourth section had not been decoded.