from the History of Rock & Roll
18" x 24"
acrylic  and rhinestones on canvas
Private collection, Houston, Texas
Bering Art Collective, Houston, Texas, The History of Rock & Roll, October 9 - 30, 2010

Carrier was one of the first canvases created for the History of Rock & Roll series.  This work addresses the movement of a cultural sound from the African continent to North America.  One of the primary components for what would evolve into rock & roll was the musical tradition carried by Africans who came to the new world freely or who were brought here forcefully during the slave trade.

In this work, the woman and the dragon are both symbolic of Africa.  They share the same breath of sound that flows between them.  Behind them are Haitian symbols called "loa" that are used in ceremonies to call spirits.  This tradition is one that also arrived with African immigrants as they reached the Americas.

It is this foundation of spirituality and distinct traditional sound that will evolve over time into gospel, soul and R&B music.