from the History of Rock & Roll
60" x 48"
acrylic  and rhinestones on canvas
Destroyed by fire, 2011
Bering Art Collective, Houston, Texas, The History of Rock & Roll, October 9 - 30, 2010
In the beginning of any cultural movement, society is often at odds with the dynamic of change and fearful of the effects it will have. Rock and roll was no different. The idea of an empowered youth culture that would question their elders and the establishment created enormous tensions.

As the idea spreads and becomes a cultural force, this fear abates and rock and roll is seen as simply another musical genre. In today's era, the idea of rock music being something frightening is almost impossible to imagine.

Core represents the furthest reach of an idea's power. The period where an idea, although still powerful, becomes so embedded in the fabric of society that we hardly even recognize it around us. The bones of the sternum in Core protect the idea that has been internalized. The ideas still radiate, but their message is a much quieter one. One that moves and breathes within each of us.