from the History of Rock & Roll
50" x 24"
acrylic  and rhinestones on canvas
The Brown-Rasking Collection, Elicott City, Maryland
Bering Art Collective, Houston, Texas, The History of Rock & Roll, October 9 - 30, 2010
Early in the rock and roll movement (before it was even called that) the style of music was predominantly seen as "black music" or "race music". Because of this, only specific or underground radio stations would play rock and roll. Through a little bit of tweaking of the genre and a lot of publicity, radio stations were able to create a new "whiter" version that would be marketable to the entire nation.

In the imagery that infuses the works from the History of Rock & Roll, the dragon here represents the musical sounds of Africa.  The dragon is being hidden in the leaves of holly, with a familiar Jiminy Cricket (Holly and the Cricket?) drifting in the sunrise colors of a new day of music for the world.