Each year I take time to create works to support breast cancer research.  In 2011 I began the Rose Garden as a small series to raise funds.  A dear friend of mine was participating in the Avon Walk and I wanted to do my small part to help support her and help raise funds.  Over the years, the Rose Garden has evolved quite a bit.

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting many of the women that the roses have been commissioned for.  I have heard their tales of struggle and support and what each rose means to them individually.  I have also experienced the sadness of having recipients of the roses lose their battles with cancer.  It always affects me.

What was once a way to help a friend raise money for research has expanded.  I now actively look for charities and groups that could benefit from the funds that the roses create.  There is such an amazing community of support and emotional investment out there for those fighting cancer.  It touches so many more than just the ones who are fighting it.

The Rose Garden consists entirely of images of roses.  Each canvas is hand painted and unique.  Donors to the project are encouraged to acquire multiples or even buy a dozen for a loved one. 

In the spirit of the rose, collectors who order a rose canvas have the opportunity to name the rose in honor of someone who has fought the battle with cancer.  Whether they are a survivor or one of the far too many who have been taken by this disease, the roses are a tribute.

There are three sizes of canvases available and also the option to order a dozen.

All proceeds from the sales of the roses go to breast cancer research.

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