The Sleepwalker
from Tarot
30" x 18"
acrylic on canvas
Private Collection, Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas, Tarot - Part One - The Question, November 11, 2017
Houston, Texas, August Open Studio, August 4, 2018
Houston, Texas, November Open Studio, November 10, 2018


During the development of Tarot, I will be inviting established tarot readers to share their impressions and interpretations of specific "cards" from the Tarot series. 

I have invited Mi-Ri El-Khoury of Mi-Ri Moonlight Tarot and Reiki to share her observations on the Sleepwalker.


In this card, there are white, ghost-like forms trekking along an ever-moving blue staircase. Haunting, but busy with an energy of searching. The blue color of the stairs have a Sagittarius connection in the King’s color scale, so there is also an energy of walking the steps with a desire to learn and know.

All of the zodiac signs are present around the border of the stairs, signaling that different energies are present during the cycle of this journey. The vibration or way the steps are carried out will depend on the sign the walker has reached.

Front and center is an electric tower, fueling the energy of the search, keeping the stairs in motion. As the card is XXII, 22, I see 2+2=4, and 4 is a number of foundation and stability. The tower itself has four legs or prongs, two that touch the ground and two that reach skyward, like a body drawing energy from both the Earth and from Spirit. It is the conductor of both energies, connected and in balance with the Universe. There is the feeling that this centerpiece grounds the energy, so that it is not chaotic or wild, there is a containment and focused direction for the energy. This tower serves to stabilized the continuous search, which feels neverending.

Two layered, web-like dreamcatcher spheres back the sky as if to capture whatever dreams are discovered and holds them, while also filtering and purifying any energies that might be disruptive. The red-orange colors are Taurus-related, so there is again the energy of grounding. The sleepwalkers are safe and protected as they journey and search. 


In the upright position, there is an energy of groundedness and connection. The walkers are on a path of learning and knowing, not quite sure where the next step will lead them, but they continue on. 

Throughout the journey, there is no feeling of worry or concern, only absolute trust and dedication to the walk. An openness to the experience of the cycles and an upward movement, heading up to Spirit and then bringing that energy down to Earth to manifest.

The sleepwalkers are the unconscious work being done in the dreamscape, always on the move, supported and fueled by the desire of the search for knowledge. 


In the reversed position, there is an imbalance. A bit less grounding. A reaching, but not-quite-there-yet energy. The dreamcatchers form an abyss flowing upward and there is an airy quality to this scene now, as if it is not solid or real. The lower dreamcatcher mimics a Ferris wheel. A trip around with no purpose, one that feels fun at first, but will eventually grow tiresome.

The energy here seeks to connect. The skyscape tilts and desires foundation and balance. Various green circles within the web are trying to catch the attention of the walkers, telling them to “Go! Get moving!”, but they are just glimmers amongst the empty spheres. This reversal is seeking to rebalance, refocus, reconnect and get grounded.