The Void
from Tarot
30" x 18"
acrylic on canvas
Houston, Texas, Tarot - Part One - The Question, November 11, 2017
Houston, Texas, August Open Studio, August 4, 2018
Houston, Texas, November Open Studio, November 10, 2018
During the development of Tarot, I will be inviting established tarot readers to share their impressions and interpretations of specific "cards" from the Tarot series. 

I have invited Stephen Wright of @awitchespath to share his observations on The Void..


The Void is aptly named because on the surface we simply see an iris fading into pure white ‘nothingness’. The imagery here can be a bit disconcerting, maybe even disturbing. Eyes are rich in symbolism and also intimacy. It can be uncomfortable to be put in a position where you are being looked at so intensely, and yet this is what we’re presented with here whilst we spend time in the Void.

In folklore we find the concept of the ‘Evil Eye’, usually depicted as a singular blue eye ever gazing. The Evil Eye was considered a curse of sorts, if you had it then malevolent energy had been sent your way. Hanging the Evil Eye in your home or wearing one helped protect you from such negative energy. We’ve developed phrases such as “The eye is the window to the soul” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We say things such as “I spy with my little eye”, “Keep your eyes open.” Eyes have long been associated with wisdom, evil, love, power, divination, foresight, truth, lies and danger. Often, the first thing you notice about someone you are attracted to is their eyes. Other well known ‘eyes’ in our esoteric history include the ‘All Seeing Eye’ and the ‘Eye of Horus’.

The detail level we see in The Void, despite the perceived simplicity of the card, is fairly intricate. From black to white and all the blue tones in between we see an explosion of line and colour giving depth to the energy. It’s interesting to note that in numerology the number 30 (XXX) denotes communication and creativity, both of which are also associated with the colour blue which relates to the iris here.

We say that eyes can be cruel or kind and The Void puts us directly in the metaphorical firing line. When it presents itself to us we have a choice as to how we use and connect with the energy it is offering.


Key Words: Connection, Psychic Abilities, Protection, Messages From Spirit.

Here we find ourselves in a space where we have the choice whether or not to fully connect with spirit and our celestial selves. The eye we see is a messenger, a symbol of union between you and the otherworld. It tells us that our actions have been seen, noted and been listened to. Our work with our personal connection to spirit is evolving and you are awakening to higher frequencies and energies. It can be symbolic of psychic abilities awakening especially clairvoyance and anything involving ‘vision’. On a physical level this can mean an emergence of artistic and creative talents.

The Void wants to bring us a sense of comfort. It tells us that we are in a place where, when we look inwards, we have been successful in facing our darkness and are embracing the balance and the lessons that we need to move forward to be comfortable with ourselves. You can take this as a sign of success on your current path. We need not be frightened of our darkest corners, for we can illuminate them and confront them without critical judgement.

This can also bring us the energy of protection. Use the energy of The Void when you feel you need to keep yourself safe, especially on a spiritual level. The power here can help us fend away the negative energies, emotions and intentions that others may wish upon us or be sending our way.


Key Words: Judgement, Secrets, Guilt, Curse, Danger, Spiritual Blockages.

Reversed, the energy of The Void can be frightening. Its glare can make one feel uneasy. That could be for a number of reasons. The eye here sees all. The judgement element of this card could mean that you or someone else may have perhaps acted in a way that wouldn’t have been for the best. There may be a secret that has been or will be uncovered, something that must come to the surface to be dealt with. It could be yours, but it could be someone else’s. It may be telling us that we need to face our fears and confront something we may not feel ready for - but The Void tells us that this will happen whether we want it to or not, but you do have the energy to overcome this. It could also tell us that we have to work through the negative emotions associated with the above, such as guilt.

This card can also speak of a sense of disconnect to spirit. Perhaps you are feeling blocked or having no luck with your spiritual path. If this is the case the card tells us that negative judgements can slow or stop our progression and the eye we see is our own, casting doubts upon our own selves. Take the pressure off and slow things down, focus on the present and celebrate the small successes. Do not let the mundane, physical worries take too much of your energies.

Sometimes when The Void appears it could be a warning. It can speak of something in your life or someone around you that wishes you disease or harm. Open your eyes and look around you. What do you see? If someone isn’t acting with your best intentions at heart then you need to act on this and leave that energy behind. The ‘curse’ like energy spoken about in the reverse of this card connects to the emotional and physical intentions being aimed at you, whether that’s in the form of a direct confrontation or whisperings behind your back. The Void tells us that nothing goes unseen for long and all things must face their judgement eventually. How we act in our darkest moments helps to define us and our character. We would be wise to act with compassion and integrity, whilst protecting ourselves.